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Determined after a comprehensive nationwide survey, the most definitive listings of India’s IT Giants and Most Admired E-Commerce Companies is here!

Healthcare & Pharmacy


HealthKart, a venture of Bright Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. is an online portal for dietary supplements and allied health devices in India initiated by Prashant Tandon and Sameer Maheshwari in 2011. It is an online facility platform for people interested in health and fitness products. From protein supplements to vitamins, from quality brands to generics, all are available at value prices. Its app HealthKartPlus, a generic medicine search engine application, helps users know about medicines better. Its app witnessed over 500,000 astonishing downloads within a few weeks of launching. HealthKart is one of the few true blue health portals that has seen its user base growing week after week.


NetMeds - India’s most convenient online pharmacy is an online pharmacy based in Chennai, India. Netmeds provides online ordering and mail delivery of prescription and non-prescription medications. Pradeep Dadha Group of Companies announced the establishment of Netmeds.com in 2015. MAPE Advisory Group, a financial services firm, is funding the venture as an investor in the privately owned pharmacy. Online Pharmacy store is producer of a wide range of prescription medicines and other health products available all across India. Customers place their orders online to receive delivery to their homes. Indian consumers had no choice but to travel sometimes long distances to buy their medications and to wait in queues at pharmacies to make their purchases. Netmeds.com continues a legacy of 100 years of success in the pharmaceutical industry.


Bangalore based serial entrepreneurs K Ganesh and his wife Meena Ganesh started Portea, a site which facilitates doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, who have met rigorous quality standards. As a result of using Portea’s services, patients are able to stay in their homes longer, save money, and have peace of mind. Portea Medical delivers quality care with compassion. It brings world class medical care into patients’ homes and aims to make primary healthcare not only more accessible, but also more affordable and accountable to patients’ needs. Read the co-founders’ interview in this issue.

1mg (HealhKart Plus)

Segmenting into 1 of the most ignored and niche segment in Indian market HealthCare 1mg- App HealthKartPlus App- a generic medicine search engine application that helps users to know about medicines better. Mapping health awareness with online presence of facilities on the go App has gained huge response in short run. Iconic App has seen over 500000 astonishing downloads as on April 27, 2016. Its parent company HealthKart is a venture of Bright Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. is an online portal for Dietary supplements and allied health devices in India initiated by Prashant Tandon and Sameer Maheshwari in 2011.


Practo,  founded in 2008 by Shashank ND & Abhinav Lal, helps patients registered on the health portal to access and get appointments with the best doctors around their locality. The Practo app provides each user with an intelligent healthcare account for the entire family that securely stores all their healthcare data, enabling ease in future documentation. Further, the app allows patients to make informed decisions with respect to their health needs, so that they can understand the relative specialisations of doctors, hospitals and other medical outlets, as well as respective pricing.



A jewellery retailer Mithun Sacheti joined hands with an IT entrepreneur Srinivasa Gopalan to form Lister Technologies, which subsequently formed Carat Lane in 2008. CaratLane.com is one of India’s leading e-commerce portals in the gems and jewellery segment and one of the most visible online brands in the country. Carat Lane’s online inventory includes diamond jewellery and Gold ornaments (including Gold coins); the company has several thousand vendors who supply gems on request. With a network of over 4000 global vendors, Carat Lane offers its featured and showcased products to customers in more than 150+ cities and towns across the length & breadth of India.


Voylla an online portal for designer apparels was founded by Vishwas Shringi, in the year 2011. Voylla started as a designer apparel selling portal, and later diversified into a full-fledged e-shop that provides jewelry and accessories from designers across India to customers worldwide. Voylla claims to have more than 35,000 unique designs and adds 1000 new designs every week to their collection across various jewelry categories, including fashion and silver jewelry.


Pioneering the concept of branded jewellery and ornaments in India, Tanishq from the Tata Group is a prominent jewellery brand in the country, which has used the online mode to replicate the values that it stands for. Tanishq’s online sales channel brings a fresh perspective to the skillful craftsmanship of each meticulously hand-woven creation, with a strong appeal for women. Belonging to the Tata stable, the biggest advantage for Tanishq has been the trust factor that customers associate with it.


Established in 2011, BlueStone is one of India’s fastest growing and leading online jewellery destinations that showcases high quality fine jewellery with strikingly exquisite designs. The online luxury brand aims at revolutionizing real jewellery and lifestyle scenario in India with a firm focus on craftsmanship, quality and user experience, building a large family of loyal consumers in India and abroad. The brand houses more than 4000 unique designs for customers to choose from, all these designs are crafted to perfection with utmost care giving customers the flexibility to customize the product’s gold purity and colour or diamond clarity to suit their needs. In-house award-winning design teams that pay great attention to detail are its USPs.


21Diamonds’ unique business model, based on innovation and customization has made it one of the biggest online jewelers operating in India. The luxury diamond brand’s approach is based on quality and design; it provides superlative jewellery collections and also gives opportunities to the customer to create unique, fully customizable pieces. This concept has allowed 21Diamonds to expand internationally at a fast pace and by virtue of that, they currently operate in 13 countries worldwide. India has seen customers adopting the products of 21Diamonds with ease, leading to its inclusion in this list of most admired brands.

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