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Technology Next


Technology Next is a special B&E supplement dedicated to the technology evolution in India and across the world. In true B&E spirit, it strives to analyse and define new dimensions that shape the technology world of tomorrow. It seeks to keep technology savvy readers updated with all that's happening in the space, help them decipher the vital transformations and better understand their implications for their work lives as well as their personal domain. Besides the usual and relevant features, it will pay special attention to thought leading industry concepts, strategies of technology firms and on technology's role towards the larger good of the planet.

Issue Date - 15/04/2013

Cover Story


Want to know which human to hire? (Donít) Ask that robot!
Q. Sony PlayStation has had a relatively successful run in the Indian market. What do you attribute this success to?
By our estimates, some 1.2 million console owners are there in the I   ....
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Gadget Review

Special feature

Tech News

Tech News
Hacker pleads guilty

Nearly 6 months after arrest, Daniel Spitler, one of the co- accused hacker into AT&T iPad breach that exposed the email addresses of over 100,000 AT&T iPad 3G use   ....
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