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Technology Next
Issue - 01/10/2011
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   Guest Column
Smart and Light on the Wallet
The iPad controller costs $499, which is a big saving over custom-made controllers. And because the iPad can be customized with different apps, it can be made to control lots of companies’ systems
| Issue Date - 01/10/2011

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Technology Next (TN): Tell us about the technology and telecom infrastructure at Hero Honda Motors Ltd? How it is helping the company do business in an effective way?

In today’s time, the role of IT has become very crucial. CEOs and senior leadership teams in organizations feel that the CIO (and hence the IT function) can help them a lot in achieving business goals. If I were to list Top 5 Things that CEOs today are looking for from the IT function, I would say:

Improving business processes to support business growth
Reducing costs, improving productivity and Enterprise Workforce Effectiveness
Providing ‘right’ information to business at ‘right’ time to help make the organization become ‘smarter’ and take ‘better and effective decisions faster’
Helping improve compliance levels in all aspects of working of the organization
Help improve environment and help the organisation in discharging its social obligations
In all this, I have not mentioned one area that all CEOs are expecting IT to do – ensure uninterrupted and fast 24x7 access to organizational resources; be it applications, data, intranet, e-mail, portals or anything from across the globe at all times on any device – be it a PC, laptop, iPad, mobile phone or others. This is because this is taken as guaranteed and the ‘bare minimum’ that IT has to ensure. At the same time, it is so crucial that the rest cannot be achieved without this.

At Hero Honda, IT is fully aligned with business and is an integral part of business. It starts from the organisation structure – where I as CIO report to the CEO and am part of the Organizational Leadership Team (we call it Enterprise Management Team, which has 7 people including MD & CEO, CFO, CIO, Head of Sales, Marketing and Customer Care, Head of HR, Head of Operations and Supply Chain and Head of Strategic Sourcing). This team also acts as steering committee for IT. All members of this team are involved in all business decisions including decisions for IT.

TN: What are the technological/network upgradations you are considering at Hero Honda Motors Ltd. this year?
We are always on the lookout for upcoming technologies, which can further help the organization improve productivity of users, reduce costs, increase compliance levels or help in preparing for future. From an infrastructure and networks point of view, we are at an optimum level and we would now want to explore better ways of congregating ICT. Some of the focus areas this year are use of mobile, social media, reporting and analytics & collaboration and partner enablement apart from continuing focus on information security, green IT & general automation.

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