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Technology Next
Issue - 01/10/2011
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   Home >> Technology Next >> Cover Story >> "Real tablet action will begin as 3G & 4G Develops"
   Cover Story
"Real tablet action will begin as 3G & 4G Develops"
People believe that converged devices will be the future, but harsh chitale is of the opinion that people will still use multiple devices. he discusses HCL's strategy for tablets with Onkar Pandey
Onkar Pandey | Issue Date - 01/10/2011

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A recent Gartner poll revealed that by 2012, 80% of Fortune 1000 enterprises will be using some form of cloud or off-premise computing services, and 20% businesses will own no IT assets. As per Gartner, cloud computing occupies the top spot of all the "Strategic Technologies" for 2011. As IDC claims, by 2015, cloud services will expand at a CAGR of over 27% and reach a value of $72.9 billion. These are big numbers, and more interestingly, even if you are looking at Microsoft being able to capture even 20% of the market, its cloud business will turn out as big a business as Windows presently is (comparison based on annual revenues; Windows generated $13 billion in profits on sales of $18 billion last year). [Online subscriptions will also mean zero piracy (something which the company dreads, as today, of the billion users of Office, the company claims, 500 milliion use non-genuine versions).] Four years of working with cloud could make difference which is financially as big as having worked for so many years to remain on the top of the OS market – good news for Ballmer.

For Xbox gaming addicts, MS has something on offer in the name of cloud – it's called Xbox Live cloud service, which basically is a bouquet of two facilities. But only something. First, beacons. This feature makes it easier for gamers to connect with those in their social circle. Beacons allow your Xbox LIVE and Facebook buddies that you are interested in a particular game or a set of games. Nothing revolutionary though. Instead, why don't you send them a text or call them up and tell them to join you online on a game of God of War III? And you can even do that on the Sony PS3! Then there is Cloud storage which allows you to store your games online, which you can access whenever (wherever) you go online with the Xbox LIVE. Say goodbye to 4MB memory sticks – but again, what's so new in this cloud?

There is much that the cloud promises for MS, like a US-based company official claims, “Xbox and Cloud services will be the cornerstones of our future success in the global market. And for us, the success of the cloud is as important as the success of any other product and service in the global market as it would help reaffirm our faith in being able to connect with the future generation of computing consumers.” There has been investment, and heavily so, with the company having already burnt $2.3 billion in cloud infrastructure development (with 30,000 engineers working on the platform, and more than 9000 Microsoft partners involved). The cloud better pay back. Hope there is, despite Google, IBM, Amazon and AT&T as well as other smaller names like Rackspace & Terremark taking their respective digs at this new term in technology. And if someone like Salesforce.com (which is today the leader in the cloud domain) can annually earn in excess of $2 billion from cloud, why should Ballmer not have his share of shots at something new in the world of technology? And in any case, this one might end up better than the Zune and the Kin disasters!

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