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Issue - 01/10/2011
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   Home >> Technology Next >> Editorial >> Jobs brought the fire, Cook now needs to get the smoke!
Jobs brought the fire, Cook now needs to get the smoke!
Virat Bahri, Executive Editor | Issue Date - 01/10/2011

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In a quest to either save money or beat the releasing dates, consumers often download songs, movies and computer software from unauthorised websites claiming to provide an original for free of cost. If you think that you have got a real bargain, then you have to think again.

Consumers should be aware of the costs they might have to pay, if they get caught using pirated software, both legally and financially. One of the most important elements, which anyone overlooks is not just the implications of being caught, but the impact of using software that is potentially vulnerable and lacks critical updates that expose a consumerís personal identity and finances to risk .

Software piracy is a term that is frequently used to describe the copying or use of computer software in violation of its license. This includes making duplicate copies for sale, selling PCs with illegal software and sharing unauthorised content through the web. In most cases, renting software is illegal and is also a form of piracy, unless it is rented from an authorised organisation such as a library or an educational institution.

Many people are unaware that making a copy of software they bought in a store is a crime. Not only is such an action a crime, but also, it ultimately raises software prices for honest consumers.

Arguably, the most dangerous form of software piracy is (what many consider simple personal use) of buying a software programme and then installing it on more than one machine. It is true that there are times when users are not even aware that what they are installing is deemed as pirated software.

As mentioned above, one of the major disadvantages of using pirated software is losing out on the most important updates and patches that legitimate software provides you as subscribed or registered user.

If you think that you are running pirated security software, your PC as well as all the data stored on it is vulnerable to attack as it lacks the critical updates and smart alerts that registered and subscribed users of security products are entitled to and receive on a regular basis.

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