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Issue - 01/07/2011
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   Home >> Technology Next >> Green Future >> "A 1% drop in usable water means a loss of around 200,000 jobs"
   Green Future
"A 1% drop in usable water means a loss of around 200,000 jobs"
In this engaging interaction, Hartswick talks to Virat Bahri on how it can help mitigate the impact of the global water crisis
Virat Bahri | Issue Date - 01/07/2011

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Here are a few steps that one can take to ensure they are using legitimate software and stay protected:
- Purchase software from authorised and credible retailers, resellers, affiliates and dealers
- Download software from credible and authorised online shops or purchase directly from the publisher’s website
- Register your software with the company that produces the software to ensure you receive critical updates for the programme, which may include patches to security flaws that are discovered by the software publisher and download these updates regularly
- Always check the software version you have purchased or installed to ensure it not a promotional or demo version of software
- Always check the ‘trust mark’ while purchasing software online. Check the retailer’s record and if in doubt, conduct web searches about the site or the vendor to determine its legitimacy.
- Look for proof of authenticity such as original disks, manuals, licensing agreements, service policies, and warranties and a security seal

Lastly, piracy not only has an effect on the companies that sell software and the end users, but also on the health of the economy at large. For instance, according to an economic impact study of software piracy published by IDC last year, in India, if software piracy is reduced or stopped by 10% in next four year this could generate an additional 43,000 new jobs, $3.1 billion in economic growth, and $200 million in tax revenues. Food for thought!

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