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"Strategic Innovators" is a refereed journal on contemporary strategic management trends, published every quarter. Through this journal, our aim is to address crucial processes and structural management practices across industries and geographies that deliver significant and relevant value to senior business executives.

Issue Date - 01/04/2013

A common leadership secret oft overlooked: Succession Planning
Tight labor markets and skill shortages are now commonplace for Indian businesses. What gets most of the attention about the Indian labour market now is its youth: waves of new entrants who have energ   ....Read More

Strategic Decision

The Quiet, Powerful Leader. Are you one?
It is difficult to pick up a newspaper without finding articles showing how some firm has experienced serious quality problems due to outsourcing. Outsourcing to developing countries has been a trend    ....Read More

Strategic Development

What CEOs need to do to excel in the global 21st century
Finding another job may be the most difficult “work” you have done in a long time. You have to design your overall strategy while focusing on and executing each tactical step in order to make your job   ....Read More

Strategic Image

Executive Presence: the need for CEOs to inspire with integrity
Since the 1990, the multibillion dollar global sports industry has experienced formidable and sustained growth (Datamonitor, 2003, 2006, 2010; Stotlar, 2002). This phenomenon is due in part to various   ....Read More

Strategic Issue

Avoiding Leadership Disaster
Some of the more interesting writing that is relevant to management these days is found in out-of-the-way places in my local bookstore. In addition to the management and economics sections, you should   ....Read More

Strategic Lesson

“A leader should be an architect of a system that produces great results”
Look around – and you’ll easily find a plethora of visionless CEOs arbitrarily deciding which business areas should a company enter and which it should leave, without giving a glimmer of thought to wh   ....Read More

Strategic Sustainability

A leader sans ego
Globalisation has changed job opportunities in much of the developing world. In India, outsourcing has created a new class of high-skill jobs which have increased overall returns to schooling. Existin   ....Read More

Strategic Insight

Why leaders need to be accountable
Businesses, large and small, for profit and nonprofit alike have encountered stress as a result of the downturn of the worldwide economy. Business owners and managers confront lower demand for their p   ....Read More

Authentic, Honourable, and non-self-centred: three traits of a leader
Despite the presence of numerous leadership development programs, one of the most daunting tasks facing corporations is the transferability of skill. Mental imagery offers some hope.

<   ....
Read More

Strategic Thought

The six-level model of leadership
The past few years have seen major changes in firm and customer communications in both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) marketing. Among the major forces are globalisation, th   ....Read More

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