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Travel &Tourism Conclave Photos


“Travelution: 'Then & Now” - A Daily Indian Media Initiative (Travel &Tourism Conclave)

New Delhi, December 9th, 2010

Daily Indian Media held an interactive panel discussion on “Travelution- Now & Then” intended to highlight and address key issues, opportunities and the upcoming of Tourism in India. The discussion comprised of the presentations by the panelists on varied topics like “Revenue opportunities from destination experiences", “The advent of adventure tourism and backpacking in India”, Scope of Eco Tourism in India and various challenges of Indian Tourism Industry”.
The highlights of the event covered various aspects of Travel and Tourism Industry in India including the challenges that lie ahead in the near future. With the tourism industry running at all time high and revolutionizing the sector with all kinds of developments and strategies, it is indeed the right time to discuss the reasons and causes that has led to this enormous leap. Daily Indian Media's Conclave brings out the industry experts together and it concluded that the panelists and the audience unanimously agreed that the tourism sector has a promising future ahead more than ever.

The occasion was market by the presence of eminent panelists like Aseem Sadana, COO & Co-founder, Isango!, Pradeep Thukral, Executive Director, Indian Medical Travel Association, Akshay Chugani, CEO, Indianbackpacker.com, Prashant Chauhan- Head of Sales and Marketing, MyGuestHouse.net, Gaurav Jain, MD, Aamod Resorts, Subrata Dutta, COO, Samsonite, SubhashGoyal, Chairman of Stic Travel Group and Chairman - Indian Chamber of Commerce - Aviation, Tourism & Hospitality Committee.
Aseem Sadana,COO & Co-founder, Isango! Started off the discussion commented “No longer is just making it simple to book an affordable flight, rental car or hotel room enough. The online travel agencies are striving to help travelers decide where to venture, where to stay and what to see based on their interests, rather than exclusively on price. There are certain do's and don'ts that have to be kept in mind to have different experiences and today all are striving to make the travel easier and hassle free.”
Also present at the event was Prashant Chauhan, Head of Sales and Marketing, MyGuestHouse.net to discuss the unorganized budget hotels sector. “It is the right time for digitalizing the unorganized budget accommodation sector, with 70% of Indian Hotel Industry revenues coming from the unorganized sector” he said. “Travel accessories has always been a big part of travel, with growth in India the travel industry in is also growing at a very speedy rate,” said Subrata Dutta, COO, Samsonite

Taking the discussion forward to challenges in the tourism sector Subhash Goyal, Chairman of Stic Travel Group and Chairman - Indian Chamber of Commerce - Aviation, Tourism & Hospitality Committee said “The government still has a lot to do in the tourism industry and there is a lot of unexplored potential, the challenges however are still increasing the awareness and some government policies that had resulted into bottlenecks”. Further he added. “Tourism business is the only business which can be started without investment; with technology it has become easier now”

The event was attended by various industry heads and students from IIPM and various B-schools. Overall discussion combined with an interactive session of questions and answers threw light on India's Travel and Tourism Industry and its future role in the development of the country. Planman Media has previously held various conclaves covering industries like Retail, Telecom, Auto etc and plans to continue giving such platforms in future too. All conclaves have been designed and coordinated in such a way that caters to all aspects of various sectors and getting diverse views and different dimensions across sector from the industry leaders. The manifestations of the brain storming and consultation have been very well perceived. We intend to bring such occasions in the coming years.

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