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Cover Feature
It’s called Nano, but it wasn’t built in a nano-second. It took years, and a lot of sweat for Ratan Tata to bring the People’s Car to the masses...
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Ad Rankings from Print Advertising, TV Commercials
Sparkling lights, dazzling crystals, glamorous dresses and pulsating beats… one just cannot desire for more from spectacular models walking the ramp with unique fits and royal cuts. And who deserves credit for all this? Well, it’s none other than the Indian Textile industry ........ Read More
HR Bytes
“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we are not really living.” Well that’s what most corporate czars across the world believe in while referring to this famous saying by Gail Shelly. However, it’s surely not an easy task to go for a change and that’s a dilemma.... Read More
31 JANUARY 2008

Special Columns
ABHIMANYU GHOSH, CEO, Planman Media Editorial

A. Sandeep 

Rajita Chaudhuri is Dean, Centre for Undergraduate Studies at The Indian Institute of Planning and Management The Last Word

International Column Exclusive International
Column Exclusive

Jack Welch


Stratagy Utterly ‘pun’acious

‘Utterly Butterly Delicious!’ hummed a thumb sized little girl dressed in a polka-dotted frock and so was born a star – a ‘pun’ loving star – who with her bold tongue-in-cheek topicals made way directly into the hearts of millions.The history of the Amul girl can........ Read More

TechnologyNext digital decade...

Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is undoubtedly the most awaited technology event for any tech lover. And like every year, the CES 2008 saw technology giants demonstrate their latest products and reflect upon their technology road map for the future. However, as always, Mr. Gates stole.....
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  Media     Branding
Media"We Will be larger than AIR by end of this year”

In 2007, the Indian radio space buzzed. As players like Big 92.7 FM and SUN FM entered the market, questions were raised on the non-expansive strategies of pioneers like Radio Mirchi. But Mirchi’s tale has a twist. It doesn’t believe in increasing the number of stations ....
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Advertise“Amul Macho ad isn’t vulgar”

Do you ever think about those advertisements that tell you how a particular brand of shampoo controls 100% of your hair loss? Or a particular health drink claiming to make you ‘Taller, Stronger and Sharper’? If you want to protest against such ads, then write to ASCI..... Read More

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