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They’ve created an instant buzz and have left lasting impressions on the consumer psyche; they’ve captured the collective....Read More.

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They’ve not only cared for your eyes, but also gifted you with those trendy eye style statements for more than 150 years and they’ve come a long way from being just another neighbourhood store selling spectacles and magnifiers imported from Europe.... Read More
HR Bytes
“You haven’t really worked in this company, have you?” Arvind, a SAP consultant was stumped at that question during the final round of his interview. The cat was out of the bag: He had faked his resume thinking he would not be caught, but things had not worked ..... Read More
26 OCTOBER 2006

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ABHIMANYU GHOSH, CEO, Planman Media 4Ps Nation

Rajita Chaudhuri is Dean, Centre for Undergraduate Studies at The Indian Institute of Planning and Management The Last Word

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Jack Welchi

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StratagyThe Merchandise Merchants...

Waking up on a ‘Mickey Mouse’ pillow, John uses a ‘Donald Duck’ towel, and as he loads his ‘Spiderman’ notebooks into a ‘Dexter’ bag, he sips his morning milk in a ‘Krrish’ mug. The trend continues with other objects of daily use until sleep overcomes... Read More

TechnologyReality of realty

The Indian real estate sector saw a whopping growth of 30% in 2005. The sector is expected to become a $50 billion hot property by 2010 and is poised to touch $180 billion mark by 2020 from the current level of $12 billion. Phew! The Indian realty
.... Read More
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MediaDHL Expressway

We are all living in a “global village” — heard that one? But, connecting the corners of the globe is no mean feat. Flashback to a few decades ago when DHL first landed in India in 1979, and the scene was quite different. The world was more insular for sure..... Read More

AdvertiseMicrosoft bombards gaming freaks, at last!

Gaming freaks in India never had it so good until Xbox 360 finally entered into their scheme of things. What has made the wait worthwhile is the mind-blowing array of digital amusement, in this gaming console conceptualised by Microsoft Corp.......
Read More
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