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Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
Rajita Chaudhuri
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Social media in Latin America

When it comes to the count of internet users, latin america isn’t one that earns impressive points. but when you imagine the opportunities that lie ahead of marketers in that geography, the numbers begin to make sense. Latin America ‘is’ fast growing into one of the largest markets for social web – great news for today’s digital marketer, who loves the ‘like’ button on his brand’s page and tweets along to get heard!

More socially networked?

There has been a general rise in the usage of social networks around the world in the past few years. However, geographical groups vary when it comes to a comparison of how much time they spend on the social web. Israel emerges as the most active country, followed by Argentina and Russia. On a larger scale, it is the Latin Americans who are the biggest addicts of networking online in terms of time spent per user (7.6 hours in Oct 2011). In contrast, those in the Asia Pacific averaged under 3 hours. Today, 50% of the 10 most socially-engaged countries are located in LatAm (comScore).

Zuckerberg’s fb leads!

Though only a third of Latin Americans have access to the Internet, the region has become the #2 consumer of social media worldwide (in terms of count of total users), with 82% of web users in LatAm using at least one social platform. Talking about popular platforms in Latin America, Facebook (Fb) is the clear favourite and 49% of web users own an account on the platform. In terms of percentage of population penetrated by Fb, Chile (45.30%) and Puerto Rico (33.73%) rank on top, while Mexico (18.45 mil.) & Argentina (12.25 mil.) have the maximum count of users.

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