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The business environment of today is typically unstable and can catch the best of organisations unawares. the experience that .....Read More

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Jewellery has been a very integral part of the Indian tradition and of course, consumer’s aspirations. It has always been considered a value buying proposition, and a status symbol product rather than a simple ...... Read More
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The Indian retailing industry, which was traditionally dominated by small and family-run stores, has finally come of age. For the less informed, the retail sector is the second largest employer after agriculture......... Read More

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25 August 2011

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Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
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Inbox : This FortnightCan the Circles save Google ?

A stagnating business model, declining ad revenues, privacy concerns and a social media handicap – this is how perhaps one can aptly define search giant Goggle today. The Mountain View company...... Read More

Project Go Green

Hyundai Motors India Foundation (HMIF), the corporate social responsibility arm of Hyundai Motor India Limited has launched "Project Go Green" and ...... Read More

  CMO speak     Marketing

LoungeInstant Success is salty

Kurkure, which means crunchy in Hindi, was launched by PepsiCo’s food division Frito-Lay in 1999. It came into the market as a sub-brand of ‘Lehar’ – Frito-Lay’s then ..... Read More

B SchoolWhy Reebok bonds well with The Masses and the classes

It’s not easy hawking high-end sportswear and accessories in India. As a country, we do not have a flourishing sports culture except for cricket. But the entry of foreign players ....... Read More

Testimonial   Number Speak

LoungeHighly informative

4Ps B&M is the most definitive marketing magazine in the country and covers the spheres of branding, marketing and advertising most intelligently. I liked the ........ Read More

Number Speak Ad Industry in Turmoil, yet again!

The global ad market is expected to return to $471 billion this year, a level that it achieved in 2008 before recession. But as it seems, it’s quite a jinx for the ...... Read More

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