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Special Feature Consider this! According to World Bank December 2007 data, India’s actual GDP for the year 2006 has been around $840 billion!.... Read More

Ad Rankings from Print Advertising, TV Commercials
The designation hits you hard! Especially when you know that the organisation he belongs to is the world’s 4th largest electronics and electrical equipment company (Fortune 500; 2007 data), with a mammoth turnover exceeding $77 billion........ Read More
HR Bytes
Remember how Toyota’s lean production mechanism became a best practice that the global auto industry is now successfully following? Examples of such signature practices of individual companies ultimately become the best practice in an industry abound.... Read More
17 January 2008

Special Columns
ABHIMANYU GHOSH, CEO, Planman Media Editorial

A. Sandeep 

Rajita Chaudhuri is Dean, Centre for Undergraduate Studies at The Indian Institute of Planning and Management The Last Word

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Jack Welch


Stratagy The telecom rodeo continues

After scripting a stunning success story in the year 2007, the Indian telecom sector is on the verge of making history. Within just twelve years of the mobile service launch, India’s mobile phone subscriber base is all set to sprint pass that of the US........ Read More

TechnologyTech-watch 2008

While the year 2007 saw Apple’s iPhone and Amazon’s e-book capturing the imaginations of tech geeks and consumers worldwide, the coming months will see the technology giants battling it out even harder, impressing tech enthusiasts with myriad cool gadgets .....
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  Media     Emerging Company
MediaThe tabloid talisman

Yellow journalism and sensationalised reporting are almost synonymous to tabloids in the West; and to a large extent are the key factors contributing to their success also. In sharp contrast, the tabloid market in India (so far) is still unevolved....
.. Read More

AdvertiseAn adventurer’s journey

Who says the last mover faces a crippling entry barrier erected by the early birds that have cornered most of the market? If you decide to barge into a ‘sunrise’ sector where the sky is the limit, even late entrants can make a killing if they have the right strategy..... Read More

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