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Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
Rajita Chaudhuri
Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Editor-in-Chief
Arindam Chaudhuri
PR 2.0 The Next Level of PR
4PS B&M Critically analyses The Latest Trends, Strategic Moves, Niche focus, in The Indian PR Industry and Lists out The Contemporary charter of Dos and Don’ts in PR
Emerging Competitive trends and The Rise of Social Media are Transforming The Indian PR Industry like never before. Is India Inc. ready? Are Indian PR firms ready?

Although I am not an....
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“PR is Imperative to Image Building”
Only a Few Sectors Clearly Understand The True Importance of PR, Says Harjiv Singh as he shares his thoughts about The PR Industry with Deepti SIngh & Sanchit Verma
Your views on the relevance of PR...
While the brand’s equity depends on the image of the company or its product, the image itself is built and sustained through effective use of public re....
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When IT Comes to Indian PR, It Takes Two to Tango!
A Wave of International Agencies is Sweeping over Indian PR Shores. What is it that’s Driving Global PR firms to Enter India Via Acquisition Route, rather than Setting Foot on Their Own?
Quietly but certainly, the Indian PR landscape is undergoing a metamorphosis. Reason: The Indian PR agencies are suddenly fighting the onslaught of their multinational counterparts. While some have al....Read More

Are Niche PR Firms Better?
It is Often Debated that Niche PR Firms – The Type which Focus on Developing a Clientele from only One Particular Industry – are better-off, more Competent, Earn more, and Serve Your Company’s Image better than a Diversified, rather Confused-Looking PR Firm. Actually, this may be Wrong – both Globally and In India.
Public Relations agencies are easy to locate. The right ones, tough. The right and focused ones, toughest. But you don’t need to sweat. Reason being history. The biggest PR firms in the world – at lea....Read More

What does The Gen-Next of Indian PR Think?
4PS B&M talks to The Rising Stars of Various PR Companies Operating in India to Ascertain their views on The Industry, its Operations, Challenges, Opportunities, Growth Prospects, future and many more...
Bratin Roy

Account Manager, Hanmer MSL

Considering the size of the Indian market, there was a lot of scope for the PR industry. Entry of MNCs has widened it further. Th....
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