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Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
Rajita Chaudhuri
A.Sandeep Editors Desk
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They came, we saw and everybody reviewed!

An ad is a product of painstaking craftsmanship. Various elements, ranging from positioning of the product, clarity of the idea behind the product to visibility of the brand, its persona and the power of communication have to be intelligently weaved together. But while some ads manage to rewrite preset creative benchmarks, some go the wrong way, fall by the side & fail to excite viewers. In this section, we review three ads that came out tops, for the right and the wrong reasons this fortnight.

Pak pak... duh...

Advertiser: McDonald’s
Baseline: I’m Lovin’ Pak Pak
Agency: Leo Burnett India

4Ps B&M Take: This one makes all the right noises. Actually for some, it may even be the noisiest ad still. There is so much of ‘pak pak’ in the air that for a moment you’re seriously tempted to look around and check if you have landed yourself into a giant chicken coop. The campaign for McEggs – the new egg burger launched by McDonald’s to cater to the chunk of ‘eggetarian’ consumers in India – has guys and girls clucking like chicken after getting a taste of the burger. One ad has a local hip hop group going ‘pak pak’; another has a choir straining its vocal chords to ‘pak pak’ and yet another has youngsters breaking into ‘pak pak’ in a college library, in a bus, and so on. The agency has attempted to replace the ‘wow’ factor after eating the burger to people emitting chicken-like sounds. Some situations also tickle the funny bone, like the one in which a youngster breaks into ‘pak pak’ giving himself away at a hunger protest. The ad loudly declares that the treat is available for just Rs. 25 – a good lure for the price conscious lovers of McDonald’s burgers. Unfortunately, the ad is too noisy and while it may be good to shout info about McDonalds’ new launch from the rooftops, everyone may not really appreciate the jarring ‘pak pak’. The team at McDonald’s is going all out to populate the ad across channels believing McEggs to be their new money spinner. But hey, give us a break people. What’s the big deal for all that noise? It’s just a sunny-side-up egg preparation tossed into buns. With bread and egg combos available at every nukkad shop and dhaba across the country, it’s really not such a path breaking novelty that it deserves so much of nerve-grating ‘pak pak’.

It’s a thief! yawn

Advertiser: Godrej Securities
Baseline: Darna Kaisa
Agency: JWT Mumbai

4Ps B&M Take: A big criterion for any advertising to be effective is that it should be believable. Some say that brands should weave in some product features into their ads, but that it should be done only in cases where it makes the promised benefits believable. Sadly, often all such caution is sacrificed on the altar of creativity or to induce forced humour into a storyboard. Something similar seems to have happened with the ad for Godrej Security Solutions where a couple are rudely awakened from their sleep when they hear burglars inside their home. But then they promptly stuff cotton wool into their ears and go back to sleep believing they have nothing to fear because they have a high-tech Godrej Home Safe which cannot be broken open. First, nobody in their right mind would ignore such night time intruders into their home, even if their safe was guarded by security guards paid for by the Reserve Bank of India. Okay, one can even ignore that on the pretext of creative license. But how can you ignore the product category of safety solutions which requires a high dose of consumer trust to remain relevant. The ad ideally should have been splattered with cutting edge features and technology which make Godrej homes safes more trustworthy than others in the category. If Godrej is still relying on their age-old brand image of being the market leader in the segment, today’s competitive market place will not waste much time in showing them the reality of their fool’s paradise.

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