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Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
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"B-schools need to compel students to think critically"
B-schools from emerging economies are increasingly making it to global rankings. Segran Nair, discusses where management education is heading
There are a number of factors. The reputation of the school plays a pivotal role in attracting a potential applicant. How a potential applicant is viewing that school and its reputation is linked to the quality of education, teaching, learning and the prospect of developing new skills. Resources also play a major role in attracting talent. Some management schools have more resources in the form of teachers and endowments. Many European schools have this tri-country MBA experience. It starts off in one country and then moves to countries like India and China. In order to be able to offer these sort of programmes, B-schools need rich resources and multiple accreditations. A lot of good prospective faculties also look at whether the B-school theyíre interested in applying to has these accreditations.

How important is industry interface for B-school faculties? Do you think faculties with a seat on company boards add value to the curriculum?

It is incredibly important to have industry connections because there are theoretical problems which need industry consultation. A lot of students have been critical about the fact that B-schools teach stuff which does not have practical relevance. Therefore, industry interface fills that void. Faculties with an industry background help students in understanding the application of models that they study inside the classrooms.

It has been increasingly observed that B-schools in the West are working towards promoting themselves in countries like India. There are a lot of events where faculties of leading US B-schools are key note speakers. Why are Indian B-schools not doing the same? Most importantly, is Indian management education ready to attract students from around the world?

As history beholds, both India and South Africa were colonised for a long period. As emerging economies, we have this weird perception that if itís Europe and North America, then itís got to be better education. This is one part of the problem. However, these courses are very expensive. Nevertheless, candidates have started thinking differently. If a B-school is well recognised in the market, they go for a local MBA programme instead of travelling all the way to the US or Europe. And I think a lot of companies prefer to recruit from ISB and IIMs. Given Indiaís business model, it is much more feasible for companies to hire from India and then set up operations instead of doing it the other way round.

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