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Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
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"Even rural markets contribute"
Ranjit Yadav asserts that Samsung smartphones sell across the country
Will Samsung focus largely on smartphones going forward?
Samsung in India is a full range player; we have products starting from Rs.1200 to products well over Rs.30,000 like the S3. We are committed to the Indian market and have service centres in over 2500 locations. We want to sell the entire range to the Indian market. All our products have the key DNA of innovation, differentiation and quality. Design is also a key differentiation along with ergonomics, like nature being the inspiration for our S3 range.

How has slowdown impacted sales, and what is your outlook for 2012?
Slowdown is a significant risk that we all have to face. Many industries are already showing signs of slowdown. The mobile industry is flat, not necessarily growing anymore; and going forward, thereís a risk of growth dropping off. When times are difficult, the key is how to differentiate and we are good with that. We see this as an opportunity for us. I canít give you an exact number, but we are already over 40% of the market in both value and volume terms.

How do you plan to expand your share with rising competition?
Our marketing strategy is based on creating the right consumer experience. We will be very strong in digital and experience-based marketing. Like for our S3 range, you can experience a lot of the products in-store and outside as well. We believe that consumers are available across the country for our higher range phones. So we will take our campaign across the country, rather than limit only to top cities. Even rural markets contribute to the sales of our smartphones.


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