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International Curry
Some international campaigns succeed in creating momentously historic landmarks in the global advertising playfield. 4Ps B&M brings to you a review of one such stellar campaign that was active during the month ending July 15, 2012.
Advertiser: Mini
Ad Title: Mini: Store
Category: Ambient

4Ps B&M Take: When the market experienced an unprecedented proliferation of products and services in an increasingly globalised world, it led to a panic attack amongst marketers who found it difficult to get through to consumers. The subsequent advertising bombardment is a result of the above. But now, as more countries join the ‘developed economies’ bandwagon, business dynamics are fast changing. One such change is in the form of escalating real estate prices which makes the cost of acquiring more customer touchpoints a financially excruciating task. We all know Mini is a well established and highly aspired brand by all aspects. However, its competitive edge, in terms of product positioning and placement, doesn’t make it invulnerable to the basic laws of economics. The maker of the legendary Mini Cooper cars wanted to establish more Mini outlets in Paris for driving increased traffic to their stores. But a market analysis revealed that doing so in a city where the price of real estate is sky high was not the best of options. Mini took this dilemma to DDB Paris where the Executive Creative Director Alexandre Hervé came up with a brilliant idea – sell Mini in a Mini! A total of 10 Mini cars were converted into Mini Stores with a signage mounted on top indicating the same. The cars were driven by sales executive who carried brochures along with them and the stores were open from 9AM to 6PM. People on the street could simply get into one of these cars to reach their destination. They had the option of driving a Mini themselves or being driven by the sales executive. Further, whenever a Mini was parked, the spot was converted into a Mini location at a negligible parking ticket cost. The project kicked off in Paris and is now being replicated across France, rapidly multiplying customer access points. The ambient activity not only fulfilled Mini’s goal of having 10 new stores in every city across France at a fraction of the cost, but also significantly increased the chances of a prospective customer opting for a test drive. With the help of DDB Paris, Mini was able to reach out to its target audience without having to spend on convincing them to walk in to a brick & mortar store. Apart from these visible advantages, Mini also ended up creating a completely new business model for the auto industry. Now that’s something out-of-the-box, we would say!


Amir Moin           
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