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Would you say that a �value brand� is one that offers the most benefit for the cost? It sounds reasonable, right?.........Read More

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Leaning Left: The psychology behind the price tag

Customers seem to pay more attention to the leftmost digits on price tags, which is why stores sell many of their items at prices ending in 99 cents. A candy shop owner....... Read More
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Cultivating Creativity: Get Out of Your Own Way

Whether you are a filmmaker or a financial advisor, some part of your job likely requires creative thinking and problem solving. Maybe you are not trying to produce the next great action comedy....
... Read More

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14 April 2013

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Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
Rajita Chaudhuri


Inbox : This FortnightNike cuts ties to armstrong�s foundation

Footwear giant Nike has pulled the plug on its ties with former cyclist Lance Armstrong�s Livestrong Foundation after a nine-year relationship with the nonprofit that helps cancer survivors. .... Read More

Inbox : This FortnightWhat a bowl of apples can do to an ad agency [serious!]

If you are on Dr. Shirodkar Road in Parel, Mumbai, it is not tough finding the two storey office of one of the most awarded advertising agencies in the country, Leo Burnett......... Read More

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Best buys for you!

LoungeNew and Ritzy products hit shop shelves every day. Some make a mark, others fade away without a trace, while a select few go on to become smash hits. 4Ps B&M brings you the latest offerings out there in ............ Read More

BrandingThe Idiot Box

There are ads, and then there are those 10 that have personified the concept of how branding can be made to work for the product most efficiently and effectively......... Read More


LoungeMore difficult in real life!

4Ps Business & Marketing is a wonderful publication. Every issue carries a good coverage on the latest gadgets and products that marketers have to offer. The last cover story on reviving dead brands was comprehensive.............. Read More

CMO Speak  

Number Speak �We don�t chase the red herring of cheap smartphones�

BlackBerry, the Canadian handset manufacturer, is striving hard to maintain itself in the smartphone market. Competitors like Samsung and Apple have been giving it sleepless nights for a while now........ Read More

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