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Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
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“Jump to the 15th-18th idea”
Harjot Singh, Narang Branch Head, Dentsu Marcom
What mandate were you given when you joined Dentsu?
These were Rohit’s exact words when I met him for this position, “Build an agency, which is solid, sustainable and admirable.” None of this was about profitability. He never gave me a profit or a number target. The objective was to create an agency that is sustainable and charged up so that it automatically delivers better than anyone else that the client could choose.

You lay a lot of emphasis on hiring the right people. But how do you put that into action?
We don’t hire people who live in a uni-dimensional area or in a clichéd area. You pick and choose what you want and then strengthen the teams to run independently. We allow them to make mistakes but also to learn and to keep the attitude of “I just have to do it”. Moreover we have devised simple brainstorming techniques. For example as a rule, the first ten ideas you put down on a piece of paper are all the clichés coming out of your head, so those get rejected immediately. Between the 11th to 15th idea, something nice can come out. And if you can reach between the 15th and 18th idea, you surely have something great. Nobody has ever been able to fly a plane or run a ship with a single push. You need to keep pushing hard to get the wheels moving.


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