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Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
Rajita Chaudhuri
A.Sandeep Editors Desk
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International Curry
Some international campaigns succeed in creating momentously historic landmarks in the global advertising playfield. 4Ps B&M brings to you a review of one such stellar campaign that was active during the month ending May 15, 2012.
When stings are good...

Advertiser: Mercedes-Benz
Ad Title: The SL Sting
Category: Wysiwyg/Razorfish, Madrid, Spain

4Ps B&M Take: Advertisers keep talking about the amount of clutter in the market. But it’s only when one sees even premium brands taking the pain to come up with truly unique campaigns does one realise the amount of clutter that really does exist. After their most innovative campaign last season (where they covered up their vehicles with LEDs, rendering the cars invisible – highlighting the zero emission technology), Mercedes-Benz this time had to launch the 6th edition of its legendary SL sports car in Spain. The German automobile major got in touch with Wysiwyg/Razorfish (a Madrid based advertising agency) for the assignment. The brief was simple – “We’re launching the new SL. Only 200 units will be available. We want brand lovers to live the experience of driving it.” Given the undisputed position of the brand in the automobile segment, it was a challenging task to conceptualise a breakthrough campaign without diluting brand equity. However, Creative Director Daniel Molinillo came up with a simple yet powerful idea – The SL Sting. The agency fitted three of their new launch cars with hidden cameras, picked three real people and switched their original cars in the garages with the brand new SLs. The cameras recorded the expressions of these three lucky drivers and they experienced the joy of driving a Mercedes first hand. In other words, this most exclusive sports car was launched in their garages and from thereon, it went viral. The ambient campaign reinforced Mercedes-Benz’s brand positioning in Spain beyond words. While Mercedes became the #1 trending topic on Twitter in Spain, its Facebook page recorded a 20% growth in fans within 20 days and the campaign reported seven million impressions through blogs, mentions and social media globally. Earlier, the objective of an ambient campaign was to engage with consumers at the ground level. But what is interesting to note is that almost all such campaigns are now executed considering the impact they’re going to make through social media. Now, why weren’t we living in Spain and why can’t we also get takeaway SLs? Damn you destiny :-)


Amir Moin           
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