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Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
Rajita Chaudhuri

A burden with legacy, and a burden without...
Global case studies of struggling brands show that similar to the concept of a PLC (Product Life Cycle), revival strategies must depend on the stage of life cycle that the brand is in as well as the real reasons why it has lost its connect with its customers. When properly applied, brands can survive many PLCs
On November 29 last year, American Airlines had two key status updates – a change in its CEO and a declaration of bankruptcy. Once the country’s largest airline and harbinger of innovations like the f....Read More

Can LG bounce back?
LG ruled the Indian consumer durables market for long. But since 2011, it has been struggling to play catch up with the new #1 Samsung. The road to regaining glory isn’t an easy one for LG
LG has no problem getting attention. Just that, it’s unpredictable. No one would have imagined the Korean to return to the Indian market, after its two previous efforts in the late 1980s and early 19....Read More

Have they mastered the Windows ‘application’ yet?
After quarters of misery, Nokia has been able to reassert its position in the Indian feature phone market with dual-SIM phones, and Microsoft promises an edge for it in the smartphone segment. However, it must play its cards well to be able to leverage on the same.
If you recollect your initial experience with mobile phones, interchangeable usage of the term ‘mobile’ and ‘Nokia’ would almost be a given. At a time when we aspired for ‘Made in India’ technology (a....Read More

When rumours reigned and trust broke...
It was October 2008 when ICICI Bank stood accused of having overleveraged its exposure to the devastating sub-prime crisis, consequently endangering its very existence. Today, when the worst of the crisis is over, has the brand regained the hallowed position it held before the crisis? 4Ps B&M gleans out four critical crisis management lessons from the ICICI Bank fire-fighting case study
“Dear customer, your deposits with ICICI Bank are safe. Your bank is well capitalised with good liquidity. Please do not listen to baseless rumours.” India’s second largest lender (just behind State B....Read More

Jet’tisoning a brand!
Despite holding pole position in the Indian aviation industry, Jet Airways was known for its apathy towards branding and marketing. 4Ps B&M does a snapshot seat-of-the-pants recap of Jet’s brand journey and the new branding move by Goyal to combine low cost carrier operations under JetKonnect
Exactly five years ago, in April 2007, Jet Airways decided to buy Air Sahara (for the second time, after the previous deal fell through). That was a time when it was flying high and seemed to be withi....Read More

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