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Special Feature
Indian banks are mean competitors in global markets, putting their advantage – lower technology and labour costs – to good use. So, what stops Indian banks to truly develop their global ........Read More

Ad Rankings from Print Advertising, TV Commercials
It was a rainy Friday morning when we reached the office of Reebok India located in Signature Tower, Gurgaon. And to our surprise, the cozy corporate office was in stark contrast to the air of general gloom (and doom) that seems to be serenading most of corporate India and the world. And why not? ........ Read More
CMO Speak
Exclusive Interview
Harit Nagpal is the man who has been nurturing the brand Vodafone in India for the last two years, since this British telecom company took over Hutchisson Essar Ltd. in 2007. Harit has been the marketing mentor of Hutch before Vodafone took over it. He is the man behind the commercials of Hutch that featured the boy........ Read More
13 August 2009

Special Columns
A Sandeep Editorial

A Sandeep

Rajita Chaudhuri is Dean, Centre for Undergraduate Studies at The Indian Institute of Planning and Management The Last Word



In Focus Don’t forget the seat belt!

It has been five months since Wilfried Aulbur, CEO, Mercedes-Benz India moved the company’s HQs into the sprawling 100 acre plant at Chakan. At the time of shifting base from their old plant at Pimpri near Pune, Aulbur had hoped that the €550 million state-of-the-art facility at Chakan would be the start of a new era........ Read More


It’s no secret that Mukesh Ambani’s mammoth retail plans with Reliance Fresh have been brow beaten, not once but at several occasions, by various parties. In fact, how can one forget the vexation that it went through in different geographies, particularly West Bengal and Tamil Nadu?........ Read More

  Global Focus     IT

Global FocusXxx Like father... Like Sam Xxxx!

From being the world’s first superpower economy to having an autocratic say in every aspect of global concern, the capitalist United States of America has stamped its authority in various spheres for decades. And the rogue mob of US ‘Fortune’ (500) hunters had held the yankee brand in good stead ....... Read More

ITHouston, we don’t have a problem

1968! A solid 41 years to the present, Alan Kay, a person not given to slim talk, one day while working at his company Xerox, imagined how a “personal, portable information manipulator” could ease out the biggest issue facing desktops – shifting the damn monsters! Thought went to blueprint and in 1972 ..... Read More

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