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Gaming?!?! And India?!? Well, if a $300 million forecasted industry is not able to attract global players, what else will?... Read More

Ad Rankings from Print Advertising, TV Commercials
With Ford succumbing to deft Japanese car maker the world over, there was little hope for this auto major in India. But, along came Matthew ..... Read More
HR Bytes
Given the talent crunch in the fast-growing BPO sector, can it still afford to play second fiddle to tried & tested mainstream jobs?...... Read More
09 NOVEMBER 2006

Special Columns
ABHIMANYU GHOSH, CEO, Planman Media 4Ps Nation

Rajita Chaudhuri is Dean, Centre for Undergraduate Studies at The Indian Institute of Planning and Management The Last Word

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Column Exclusive

Jack Welch

  Branding     Auto
StratagyAnd Laloo flexes his muscles...

For those who thought that the metamorphosis of Indian Railways was sheer beginner’s luck for Laloo, think again, for the engine continues to accelerate with ever-increasing vigour.
.... Read More
TechnologyBeauty and the beast...

How often have you stopped on the road and admired a truck? Perhaps never! And until recently, trucks were never considered ‘good-looking’. But get set for action pal
.... Read More
  Strategy     Media
MediaConsumers’ virtual reality

The death of distance and the rapidly multiplying avenues for communication is forcing companies to come to terms with a novel phenomenon – the ever increasing power of consumer generated content..
.. Read More
AdvertiseThe ‘Pinnacle’ of Realty

A-ha! While the rest of the industry is busy felicitating diverse ‘in the news’ sectors like entertainment, media, FMCG and automobiles, Zee Business has gone ahead to crown the entire real estate purlieu.
... Read More
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