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The last year was a tough one for consumer marketers in India. The party spoilers were spiralling inflation, rising input costs and reluctant buyers plagued with.....Read More

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Creating a company’s culture is a lot like raising a child. Values are imprinted from an organisation’s earliest days, and every day its leaders’ choices become part of the company’s collective memory and ongoing behaviour........ Read More
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CMO Speak
It has been two years since Britannia Industries started marketing its products with the new slogan ‘Zindagi mein life’. The change has worked – with its millions of Indian consumers, who are getting more health ....... Read More

9 February 2012

Special Columns
Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
Rajita Chaudhuri
K.K.Srivastava Special Feature
Sutanu Guru


Inbox : This FortnightMemories shall stay, the company won’t

After having given shape and form to countless memories for decades, Eastman Kodak, popularly known as Kodak, has become the latest victim of recession. The Rochester-based organization....... Read More

How Customers Influence the Evolution of New Products

How customers use a technology generates important information about its performance, design, and operational characteristics. As customers began to use the automobile in hilly and wet terrain..... Read More

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LoungeHigh on Cool and Drool

The beginning of a new year brings along fresh hope and promise - that there will be much good in store as the months roll by. To help folks hit the stride and get their moods zinging, we take you through..... Read More

BrandingWho has the trump card?

Okay, so what’s common between Mukesh Ambani and Manish Malhotra? Well, both have recognised immense business potential in tapping the market for the Indian woman’s most favoured attire....... Read More


LoungeCrisp & exciting

The exciting cover of the 4Ps B&M issue titled “Biggest brand battles of 2012” made me buy the magazine. I must say that the cover story was short and crisp against other magazines that come up with very ........ Read More

Number Speak  

Number Speak Emerging Online Retail Trends

Smartphones, Tablets and Internet...all of them are changing the consumer’s shopping experience for ever. As gadgets find more takers, shopping through devices is hitting new highs...... Read More

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