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Special Feature Two is too small and four is too big. So, three appears to be the right number to try, isn’t it? Well, it may not be for a number of players in the three key growth sectors of today.... Read More

Ad Rankings from Print Advertising, TV Commercials
It’s not often that one gets an up-close and personal snapshot of a hi-profile achiever who combines “passion with compassion” to translate his impossible dream into concrete reality. To blend vision with ...... Read More
HR Bytes
The IT industry in India has been growing at a stupendous rate for a decade now and its success story is literally recited in all parts of the world. The Indian software industry had grown from a mere $150 million in 1991-92 ... Read More
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20 December 2007

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ABHIMANYU GHOSH, CEO, Planman Media Editorial

A. Sandeep 

Rajita Chaudhuri is Dean, Centre for Undergraduate Studies at The Indian Institute of Planning and Management The Last Word

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Jack Welch

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StratagyIf winter comes, so will spring...

One fine day, Summer was relaxing. As she was about to take a sip from her chilled cola drink, there was incessant knocking on the door. Summer stretched lazily, yawned and shuffled to the door.
... Read More
TechnologyThe TV affair...

“Much of the messy advertising you see on television today is the product of committees. Committees can criticise advertisements, but they should never be allowed to create them.” That’s what David Ogilvy famously said
... Read More
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MediaApollo God? Alive?! Today?!?

Greek mythology presents Apollo as the ‘Healing’ and ‘Sun’ God. He was blessed with the power of omnipresence, no matter what the weather... Cut to the present, supernatural powers only seem....
.. Read More
AdvertiseThe quest for gossip!
By heritage, Indians can be classified a perennially obsessed lot – that’s beyond even cricket & cinema. While some stay (like our obsession with banal news channels), others fade away paving way for newer ones..... Read More
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