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Special Feature The biggest of them all in the whole of Asia for sometime now – Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), is only getting bigger by the day.... Its sole objective till date.... Read More

Ad Rankings from Print Advertising, TV Commercials
Recall the Hollywood flick ‘Independence Day’ where the American President stands by his people till the end, against all odds, facing the alien attack. No, we’re not talking of a Hollywood success story here, but something more real....... Read More
HR Bytes
Legend has it that Cleopatra used to take hours to get ready and in order to enhance her beauty, she bathed with the best of wines and milk to get that perfectly glowing skin. The age of Cleopatra may well have become a thing of the past. ... Read More
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17 January 2008

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ABHIMANYU GHOSH, CEO, Planman Media Editorial

A. Sandeep 

Rajita Chaudhuri is Dean, Centre for Undergraduate Studies at The Indian Institute of Planning and Management The Last Word

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Jack Welch

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StratagyLive life ‘King Khan’ size!!!

What is common between Pepsi, Hyundai, Sunfeast, Lux, Compaq, Emami, Airtel, Videocon, Dish TV? Well they surely don’t fall under the same category, nor do they share the same brand values. Then what is that one thing binding all the above brands..
... Read More
TechnologyWhen Bipasha fell ill

After corporatisation, cheque payments, and pre-launch marketing, insurance is the next new thing in Bollywood. In the past, producers and film financiers have insisted on insurance against accidents or deaths for their movies
... Read More
  Strategy     IT
Media‘I’n ‘T’otal ‘C’ontrol...

ITC is at its best again! After storming the market with the launch of its branded snack food Bingo, ITC Ltd, in September 2007 launched its premium range of shower gels & shampoos, Fiama Di Wills. Interestingly October 2007 saw the company ....
.. Read More

AdvertiseThe real game starts now

There are some battles that never seems to head towards a peaceful end. Whenever you think that the end is near or that one of the parties is now finally going to surrender, there comes a new twist in the tale that takes this battle to an all new level...... Read More

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