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When it comes to defining God, there are numerous typical questions that people have asked and there are as many or more answers .....Read More

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During the past three years, the enterprise market has seen a fall in business volumes. Understandable. The extent of this uninspiring outcome of the reduction in corporate spending, is estimated ...... Read More
The siren call of the digital camera market in India has lured another Japanese camera manufacturer to make a bold gambit. Olympus had been operating in the ......... Read More

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As far as Apple’s new product strategy is concerned, there can be no facts and figures. Rumours are all that you get in the name of new developments. The company is well known for working ...... Read More


The Big Idea has always meant different things to different people. In theory, it has been described as a “surprising solution to a marketing problem expressed in a memorable, verbal or ...... Read More

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LoungeSpoilt for choice? Here’s more to confuse you

Lenovo does not leave you with any other choice. This latest offering from the third largest PC vendor in the world is one unique creation meant for a perfect visual treat without much effort. ..... Read More

B School“Security threats have grown more complex”

When we look at the Indian market, we have BFSI, telco, retail, organisations in the government space; we have a number of sectors which basically are large. Who would ....... Read More

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I highly appreciate 4Ps Business & Marketing magazine as it covers a wide array of subjects and makes the reader look forward to every article. The coverage is both exhaustive and informative ........ Read More

Number Speak US ad spend report, h1 2011

Owing to a second quarter slowdown in the overall ad spend in the US, total ad expenditure (US) in the first six months of 2011 grew only by 3.2% from the year ago period to $71.5 billion ...... Read More

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