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Special Feature
He’s living in the same house for the last 40 years; and claims that even his food habits, friends and hours of work have remained mostly unchanged........Read More

Ad Rankings from Print Advertising, TV Commercials
“Kodak is our benchmark and we try to follow their footsteps,” confesses Kenichi Tanaka, Managing Director, Fujifilm India. For being the head of a company which rolled out its subsidiary........ Read More
Exclusive Interview
CMO Speak
It’s a story based on my real life...my marriage. And I and my wife are from two different states: Punjab and Tamil Nadu. That’s why the name 2 States........ Read More
05 November 2009

Special Columns
Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Editorial

Arindam Chaudhuri

Rajita Chaudhuri is Dean, Centre for Undergraduate Studies at The Indian Institute of Planning and Management The Last Word



StrategyESPN faces a Googly

After an uneventful champions Trophy, ESPN Star Sports is now struggling for eyeballs for the ongoing Champions League. Even the Rs.1 billion marketing budget for the two cricketing events couldn’t boost the audience interest and the ratings. Sample this: While the Champions League’s........ Read More

BrandingWhat’s the magic word?

“I invest my money in stocks which give me good returns, irrespective of the company or the sector. If the market is optimistic on the future of the aviation sector, then I won’t hesitate in investing in it, even if the sector has been in bad shape for quite some time now......... Read More

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InsightThink Different Think ‘DEAD’

Can you spot the similarity between Hamburg-based penmaker Mont Blanc and Bollywood flick Lage Raho Munnabhai? Nah... no product placements by the former in the latter; instead, the fact, that both have used Mahatma Gandhi’s imagary....... Read More

InsiderIt’s a girls’ Night out

Hard Rock Café joined hands with popular men’s magazine Maxim to launched its Wednesday Ladies Rock Nite, celebrating the spirit of women. Sizzling Bollywood beauty Amrita Arora, announced this caffeine induced rocking nights especially for women..... Read More

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