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International Curry
Some international campaigns succeed in creating momentously historic landmarks in the global advertising playfield. 4Ps B&M brings to you a review of one such stellar campaign that was active during the month ending June 15, 2012.
Issue Date - 15/07/2012
marketing in distress

Advertiser: Chevrolet
Ad Title: Rescue drive
Category: Ambient

4Ps B&M Take: When brilliant marketing initiatives come out from channel partners instead of the company, that’s a huge bonus for the value chain. This time we managed to get hold of one such ambient campaign. In November 2011, Brazil became the first market for the launch of the Chevrolet Cobalt. The car had been killed on GM’s home turf (USA), but was kept alive in specific markets. In Brazil, it replaced the Astra. However, there was one small problem. In some markets, the Cobalt was replaced with the Chevrolet Cruze which by any standards was a much better car than the former. Someone had to position it perfectly. Orca Chevrolet, (one of Brasília – Brazil’s capital – largest Chevrolet auto dealers) decided to take matters into their own hands. The idea was to spread awareness so that sales could increase. The dealership approached Brazil based ad agency Monumenta headed by creative directors Raphael Pontual and Ézio De Castro who came up with a phenomenal idea – get to the consumer where she is in distress. If you can make an impression then, you’ll be remembered for a long time to come. The agency decided to pitch the new Cobalt wherever any prospective customer’s car were to break down and a tow truck was called. The idea was of the never-attempted-before kinds, simple yet fantastic. Thereafter, whenever a car broke down in Brasilia and a tow truck was called, Orca Chevrolet would send a Cobalt with the tow truck; the owner of the broken down car was then invited to take a test drive to get to his destination. On the way, the sales representative would explain the potential benefits of owning a Chevrolet Cobalt. Without investing even a single dollar in any advertising medium, Orca Chevrolet created a platform to invite prospective customers to experience the car from the driver’s seat. But more brilliantly, due to the innovative format, the customers who got the test drives in this manner kept talking about the car to others over a period of many days. You would too, if such an incident had occurred. And the biggest wonder of it all is that the proponent of the ad concept is not even the car manufacturer. GM CEO Dan Akerson surely has chosen his dealers well. Now is the time to learn from them.


Amir Moin           
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