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International Curry
Some international campaigns succeed in creating momentously historic landmarks in the global advertising playfield. 4Ps B&M brings to you a review of one such stellar campaign that was active during the fortnight ending January 25, 2012.
Issue Date - 09/02/2012
Reinventing Moby-Dick

Advertiser: Audi Ad Title: Audi Quattro: Ahab Category: TVC

4Ps B&M Take: Have any of you read the all time classic Moby Dick? For the uninitiated, it is a part of the Western Canon (canon of books and, more broadly, music and art that have been most important and influential in shaping Western culture). It tells the story of one Ahab (the captain of whaleship Pequod) who seeks to kill Moby Dick – a white whale which has been eluding him for years and had crippled him in a previous voyage. You might be wondering why we’re obsessively talking about this legendary novel when we should be mid way reviewing the ad by now. Well, we’re almost there. What if this story could be used as a backdrop for conceptualising a creative for a brand? Venables Bell & Partners (a San Francisco-based advertising agency founded in 2001) did just that. In order to celebrate and publicise the revolutionary all wheel drive system (Audi Quattro) pioneered by Audi 30 years ago, the agency re-imagined Moby Dick to make Quattro larger than life. The TVC opens somewhere in Alaska, where a tow truck driver shares his experience. Needless to add, this part of the world sees extreme winters and snowstorms throughout the year. As a result, a lot of cars break down. The driver narrates that through the years, he’s hooked every vehicle that one can name. But there’s one beast of a car that has always eluded him, which he couldn’t even capture during a blizzard in 1993. He describes the car as having a pair of unmistakable eyes which haunt his dreams. People think he has gone crazy, while he thinks that the car mocks him. The creative ends with an Audi A7 zooming past his truck as the driver agonizingly screams “Quattro”. Considering the intensity and the basis of Captain Ahab’s illogical desire to kill the whale, the tow driver’s obsession with Quattro doesn’t exactly compare. But nevertheless, the creative guys have done a fantastic job with the cinematography. Filmed in sub zero temperatures, the TVC is not just a visual delight but also reinforces Audi’s positioning with the AWD system. It’s clearly the best in an otherwise lacklustre fortnight for creativity in global adville.


Amir Moin           
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