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Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
Rajita Chaudhuri
K.K.Srivastava Guest Column
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They came, we saw and everybody reviewed!

Issue Date - 01/12/2011
An ad is a product of painstaking craftsmanship. Various elements, ranging from positioning of the product, clarity of the idea behind the product to visibility of the brand, its persona and the power of communication have to be intelligently weaved together. But while some ads manage to rewrite preset creative benchmarks, some go the wrong way, fall by the side and fail to excite viewers. In this section, we review three ads that came out tops, for the right and also for the wrong reasons.

Now i love logistics!

Advertiser: Mahindra
Baseline: Outperform
Agency: NA

4Ps B&M Take: Advertising can be defined in five simple steps Ė why to communicate, what to communicate, where to communicate, how to communicate and whom to communicate. Much to our disappointment, the latest commercial launched by Mahindra to promote its new age Navistar range of trucks, pathetically fails to sufficiently fullfill any of the above mentioned requirements. The creative (with creativity channelilsed in all the wrong directions, though) opens outside a house where a man standing beside his car is waiting for his son Amar. His son comes out all dressed up in a business suit. He looks disappointed as he feels that his parents failed to understand him. As it turns out, he has been roped in to the family business, which primarily deals in logistics. Now he is confused. Why was he motivated to pursue an MBA in the first place if his father had eventually planned to redirect him to the trucking business? Nevertheless, the father and son duo board a BMW as they set out for an important meeting (or so it seems). Moments later, we see that they have landed up at Mahindraís showroom to collect the order of trucks they had placed. Soon, Amar seems impressed after seeing the modern trucks. And all of a sudden, the entire business starts making sense and he is proud of his dadís decision. The end. First things first, we donít really understand how a fancy truck could motivate this kid (in case his kinds are the target audience). Secondly, logistics is about transportation. Itís a pretty straightforward business. What good would a dozen new and expensive trucks do to the business when the same could be achieved by acquiring second hand trucks at a fraction of the cost? Or maybe they would, but if so, shouldnít the advertisement have talked about the benefits of the Navistar range more prominently and clearly? The kid may be clear, but Mahindra certainly needs some introspection.

dumb... dumb... dumb... d-uh...

Advertiser: AMD
Baseline: Processors that...
Agency: NA

4Ps B&M Take: If you happen to be a brand involved in the business of selling products to the youth segment of India, which has considerable disposable income, then you donít just need to have a good product. Your brand positioning and communication should be as clear and impactful. Unfortunately, AMD fantastically failed to realise this. The commercial conceptualised by the chip major to promote its six core processor will in all probability do no good to he brand. The TVC opens inside the bedroom of a newly wed couple. As they start undressing each other (they donít look convincing here either), one starts presuming that this might be a condom ad. However, it turns out that they had been wearing their wedding attire over military uniforms! As you sit perplexed wondering whatís going on (provided you havenít already switched the channel or banged your head against the wall yet), the couple starts playing a video game and are shown having a lot of fun. VO: With the AMD six core processor, movies, games and music become so really real, youíll forget everything else. We just have one word to describe this TVC Ė pathetic. Ideaís 3G ad had a similar theme just a few fortnights back. Besides being original, it was definitely much more likeable.

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