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Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
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International Curry
Some international campaigns succeed in creating momentously historic landmarks in the global advertising playfield. 4Ps B&M brings to you a review of one such stellar campaign that was active during the fortnight ending October 20, 2011
Issue Date - 03/11/2011
The art of convincing!
Advertiser: Volkswagen
Ad Title: The Great Art Heist
Category: Ambient

4Ps TAKE: Having been a regular reader of our magazine, you must have noticed by now that we almost always review an ambient campaign in our international ad review section as against the other two section (Indian ad reviews) wherein we review only TVCs. There is a primary reason for the same. In India, there hasn’t been an ambient campaign that has impressed us so far, let alone creating any quantitative impact. However, the international ones are always bang on target. Take the latest one conceptualised by Red Urban Advertising Agency on behalf of Volkswagen for Canada. The idea was to celebrate the launch of the turbocharged 2012 Jetta GLI. Red Urban decided to to give Canada a surprise – in all major cities, pop-up gallerias started appearing in unexpected places. Each gallery consisted of three long exposure light paintings created by the movement of the Jetta GLI. To make them look priceless, they were hand numbered and left unattended – entirely up for grabs. And then the expected happened – the paintings started disappearing! The result – they started reappearing at places where they mattered the most – in the houses and offices of people who had taken them. This soon triggered a lot of buzz across the social media circuits and had people talking about the Jetta GLI without forcefully telling them to do so. If you closely scrutinise the entire process of creating this campaign starting from ideation right up to execution, it’ll become clear why the idea was such a runaway success. The idea was simple, unconventional, offered excitement for prospective customers and most importantly made them feel like a part of something both unique and in the big league. In this case, a similar campaign couldn’t have been undertaken in India because we are probably not ready for such exposure. But nevertheless, it is high time that creative heads back here in India seriously start considering this medium. It involves a lot of creativity, but it’s much cheaper and achieves more targeted quantitative results.


Amir Moin           
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