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Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
Rajita Chaudhuri
K.K.Srivastava Guest Column
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They came, we saw and everybody reviewed!

Issue Date - 03/11/2011
An ad is a product of painstaking craftsmanship. Various elements, ranging from positioning of the product, clarity of the idea behind the product to visibility of the brand, its persona and the power of communication have to be intelligently weaved together. But while some ads manage to rewrite preset creative benchmarks, some go the wrong way, fall by the side and fail to excite viewers. In this section, we review three ads that came out tops, for the right and also for the wrong reasons.

What’s with the ‘diyas’?
Advertiser: The Coca-Cola Company
Baseline: Do diye zyaada jalaao
Agency: NA

4Ps B&M Take: The basic idea of a great marketing communication is that it should crafted considering the legacy of the brand and the target audience. When you happen to be a well established global brand, you need to be even more careful while conceptualising the creative idea. Similar was the challenge faced by global beverage giant Coca-Cola. It decided to come out with a creative centred around Diwali. The ad opens with four friends (three guys and a girl) who meet up on Diwali eve. The girl decides to celebrate in a slightly different manner and says “Do diye zyaada jalaate hain” (let’s light two lamps this time). They light two lamps in the shortcut alley they usually use to get out of a tight spot. They then move on to a spot where they play cricket and use an isolated wall as a wicket. They light two lamps here too, exclaiming that the wall has endured a lot. They then move to a girls hostel and light two lamps for the guard. They then move to a lovers’ spot, their water tank, college canteen, in the classroom, outside the principal’s door, a haunted house and what not – repeating the process of lighting two lamps everywhere. All this while, they keep drinking and sharing Coca-Cola with the sound track “Do diye zyaada jalao, khushiyan baanto, khushiyan badao” playing in the background. No matter how hard we try, we really don’t get why two lamps had to be lighted everywhere (as in, where is the Diwali symbolism in this entire exercise?). Given that the protagonists were teenagers, it’s quite obvious that Coke was trying to target the youth – a little correction here – most of this lot still celebrates Diwali with fire crackers instead of lighting lamps. It is meant to have a heartfelt message, but could have been far more entertaining. It’s Diwali, not a candlelight vigil for God’s sake!

Hmmm... women...
Advertiser: Tanishq
Baseline: NA
Agency: Lowe Lintas

4Ps B&M Take: Okay. Let us admit it, we’re impressed this time around with the kind of work that the creative brains in ad land have managed to pull off. Over the past few fortnights, we had a hard time finding good ads. This time, we had a hard time finding bad ones. Although this one from Tanishq is a good ad, it ends up in the critical review section because we couldn’t help but compare it to the last instalment of this ad, which also featured Mr. & Mrs. Bachchan. The ad opens with Amitabh standing in front of the mirror exclaiming “38 Diwali’s ke baad, iss baar full clarity – bangles” (I’m finally clear about a gift after 38 Diwali’s – bangles). He goes to the trusted Tanishq showroom where in the sales executive proceeds to inform Sr. Bachchan about the make of the diamonds. But by now, Amitabh is already familiar with the merchandise. He zeroes in on two bangles and gets them. He comes back and takes the box in his hand and just about utters Happy Diwali. Before he can even complete, he sees that Mrs.Bachchan has already got herself exactly the same bangles. He nevertheless proceeds to give her the gift. Jaya is delighted to see the same pair but then apprehensively states that it would have been better if you got a ring – what will I do if someone enquires about the ones gifted by you. Amitabh turns his face and whispers “Women”. It’s a sweet ad. The couple looks great together as always. The legacy of the Bachchan family goes well with the exquisiteness of the Tanishq brand. But the last ad was just much more better in terms of story line. But rest assured, this one isn’t a pushover by any standard either.

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