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Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
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The Idiot Box
The Top Three TV Commercials for The Fortnight
Issue Date - 16/06/2011
There are ads, and then there are those 10 that personified the concept of how branding can be made to work for the product most efficiently and effectively – with no less weight to either of those words. From creativity to brand recall, from levity to execution, these 10 advertisements got our attention, and much due to the commitment of the team creating it. We present to you our review of the top three – although frankly speaking (or writing... whatever!), this time, the lot was of a lesser quality than what we had expected.

Best Ranking Permit!

Advertiser: Gulf Oil
Baseline: Zindagi non-stop
Agency: DDB India

4Ps B&M Take: What is your last memory of an ad that tried to sell engine oil to truckers? If one were to give it a shot, you should land up somewhere with an image of a driver sitting in a dhaba looking at his vehicle and praising how some particular brand of oil makes his (and the truck’s) life a lot more effortless. You might have changed the channel or gone to the kitchen to grab a bottle of soda. But here’s one ad that, for a change, not just attempts to sell engine oil but engages you till the end, makes you chuckle and successfully communicates all brand attributes. The TVC opens outside an airport (most probably IGI’s T3) where the Chennai Super Kings team is all set to board a flight. While getting inside, Dhoni drops his ‘pillow’; and a South Indian fan of the team (who also looks like a Rajni fan) spots it. He calls out to the captain but the guards inform him that the team has left for Kolkata. The chap boards his truck and says “tension nahi, apne paas all India permit hai”. He starts off his journey to fulfill the oath of returning the captain’s property. On this side, Dhoni apparently cannot sleep without his pillow. Our fan keeps changing locations to catch hold of the team and ends up travelling 40,000 kms. He finally gets to return the pillow in a press conference. A funny jingle plays during the entire ad (Rehja Rehja Captan ka takiya). For a creative promoting engine oil, we think this one just about clicks and takes the #1 position for this week.


Advertiser: Kurkure
Baseline: Tedha hai par mera hai
Agency: JWT

4Ps B&M Take: Kurkure was launched way back in 1999; and to be honest, has performed really well, given the fact that the market is flooded with numerous snacks. What made Kurkure even more interesting were the ads that started featuring Juhi Chawla. That was a smart move because an entire generation has grown up watching her movies. But gradually, the TVCs started losing sheen on the creative front. Kareena Kapoor was also test piloted for one ad but it seems the decision didn’t turn up too well. However, after a long time, the latest TVC conceptualised by JWT has put the brand back in the limelight. The creative opens in a house where a man introduces viewers to Mrs. Bhallani (Juhi Chawla, who is a psychic with the ability to change anything using her mental powers). She stares at a spoon and says “badalja” (change) and the spoon bends it self. When dinner is served, Mrs. Bhallani does not find the pulses (dal) interesting and commands “badalja”. Strangely, nothing happens. This upsets her and she starts concentrating all her energies on making the miracle happen ending up destroying the entire house. In order to stop her, Mr. Bhallani hands over a packet of the new Kurkure made from three different pulses and she finally calms down. Even though there is nothing special about the ad – and even the script is mediocre – but the execution (cinematography) succeeds in bringing out the levity and holding on the viewer. A lot better could have been done though. We find the TVC perfectly on track during Mrs. Bhallani’s badalja act. But the abrupt interference of her husband did dampen the flow to some extent.

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