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Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, 4Ps B&M Chief Consulting Editor's Desk
Rajita Chaudhuri
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The Idiot Box

Issue Date - 19/05/2011
There are ads, and then there are those ten that personified the concept of how branding can be made to work for the product most efficiently and effectively – with no less weight to either of those words. From creativity to brand recall, from levity to execution, these ten advertisements got our attention, and much due to the commitment of the team creating it. We present to you our review of the top three.

Vodafone 3g

Baseline: Super weeks
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

4Ps B&M Take: Recall! Recall! Recall! If there was one thing for which marketers in India would give even their souls, that would be the magic formula for ensuring recall of their brand in the consumer’s mind! Indian marketers should drop into the offices of a quasi-European company that has rewritten whatever rules that existed of creating brand recall – and yes, take your ‘worthful’ souls too. That Vodafone has been zanily successful in creating recall of their brand through the Super Zoozoo is a conclusion we reached three months ago. But that an ad-series could get 5 out of 5 in all the parameters ranked, and that too two issues in succession, is a never before seen fact at 4Ps B&M. The creative brains at Ogilvy have gone insanely nutty – and we’re saying this in a positive sense – with the wonder-man in this saga being Rajiv Rao, the one at the helm of this series. The latest of the series is made up of two different creatives. The first has the Super Zoozoo in the bowling alley where the impossible target of striking two pins (both placed at extreme corners) is achieved quite succinctly by the superhero, by emitting a laser beam from his eyes while the ball is rolling (The ball breaks into two and hits both the pins; what else!). In the second TVC, Zoozoos all over the city start getting envelopes flying through the air at lightening speed. But obviously, it’s our snappy hero throwing those envelopes at an insane pace from the top of a building. Man, what we’d give to have those powers. #1, and by light years.

Kentucky fried chicken
Baseline: It’s finger lickin’ good
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

4Ps B&M Take: One fine morning, you wake up feeling excited! Your best friend Hari, who left for America during your childhood, is back to India on a vacation. You excitedly call up your old friends and you all decide to meet him at a KFC outlet. But once you get there, a nasty surprise awaits. The capitalistic exposure over the years has had a serious cultural impact on your dear friend. Sadly, he’s no longer the Hari, but Harry. The dude starts off by telling – well, if you can understand his deeply Americanized accent – how the US is just about working hard and partying harder. And the fact that unlike India, the streets don’t have donkeys roaming around. That’s it. He’s crossed the line and you’ve had enough of that capitalistic crap. It’s payback time and you order a Hot Zinger for him! One bite and Harry is down to his Indian basics as he lets out the uniquely Indian traditional expletives, “Oh teriki, bada sahi hai bhai. Pani pilade pani yaar!” The pun comes out in the cinematography – go, see the ad now – than just in the words. The power of the product is brought out in an explosive style – that’s why it’s called ‘Hot Zinger’ we guess. Eat it, and you can’t shut it, or forget it; at least for the fifteen odd minutes that the product apparently explodes in your mouth! It’s the whackiest ad of this fortnight – leave the Super Zoozoo series aside, which is another world. Great on levity, wonderful cinematography, not that cool on recall (you’ll remember the ad; not the product). And creativity? Very well tried guys (that’s the equivalent of a sitting applause, if you can make it out).

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